The Vanilla sugar cubes are a perfect infusion of Madagascar vanilla bean caviar and pure sugar cane. An all natural sugar cube locally made with no artificial dyes or flavors. We find this flavor in particular to be the most...
Sweet Potato Biscuit Mix
We've brought our Sweet Potato Biscuit Mix back! Just add butter, buttermilk and a can of sweet potato puree to make these fluffy spiced biscuits. Once they're warm out of the oven, add butter and jam accordingly. Don't go easy...
1.25oz Strawberry Chipotle and Fig Jam
Sweet, spicy, smoky. Great on a flatbread. Or with a cheese platter. Strawberry, dried fig, sugar, chipotle pepper, fresh lemon juice. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives. Contains 3g sugar (2g added, 1g natural) per 1 tbsp. Serving. Also, please note...
9oz Smoked Peach Jam
The best 3-ingredient combo you’ve ever had. Put this baby on roasted meats or veggies, mix it into your salsa, or make a smoky peach old fashioned. Peach, sugar, fresh lemon juice, Applewood smoke. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives. Contains...
You will win the "Best Friend" award for this fun gift! It's a bold infusion of all-natural strawberry with cane sugar that makes for the most exciting champagne experience! An all-natural sugar cube, naturally dyed with strawberry and made locally....
Just add some white rum and a splash of club soda to make instant mojito! One cube packs the refreshing mint and lime components to make for a quick mocktail or cocktail on the go, at home, or in the...
Drop one cube in a shot of bourbon, add ice, and voila you have an instant Manhattan! One cube pack all the bitters, vermouth, and even the cherry component to make for a quick drink on the go, at home,...
"Low Country Loco" Hot Sauce, 5 oz
This Charleston-style hot sauce will give you a fierce taste combined with a whole lot of burn. Full-bodied taste surrounded by a spicy fire - our loco blend is for heat-seekers who still want rich flavor. Use this for a...
"Hab Mussy" Spicy Mustard BBQ Sauce, 14.8 oz
Our #1 seller! We named this sauce "Hab Mussy", Gullah for "Have Mercy." it greets you with that sweet-tangy mustard flavor and also brings on the heat. Use this for a low country spin on buffalo wings, a spicy dip...
"Hissy Fit" All Purpose Hot Spice Mix, 3.5 oz
Lillie’s of Charleston artfully weaves the magic of spice & fire to create flavorful spice blends. Our “Hissy Fit” all-purpose spice mix adds flavor to all kinds of proteins like chicken and burgers, seafood, as a sprinkle on vegetables and...
2oz Original Recipe
The Original blend has a sweet caramel flavor that makes it simply delicious. There are so many ways to enjoy this treat--topping on your yogurt, adding some crunch to your favorite ice cream, or creating a crust for a cheesecake....
2oz Cranberry Orange
The sweet orange and tart cranberry flavors compliment each other perfectly to create a delectable treat. The large clusters make it easy to eat and the perfect on-the-go snack. Try it with yogurt or use it as a topping on...
2oz Lemon Bar
Lemon Bar will please the palate of all lemon lovers and add a refreshing flavor to a bowl of oatmeal or a new bite to your favorite cheesecake recipe. Nut-free and made with gluten-free oats
1.25 oz Smoked Peach Jam
The best 3-ingredient combo you have ever had. Put this baby on roasted meats or veggies, mix it into your salsa, or make a smoky peach old fashioned. Peach, sugar, fresh lemon juice, applewood smoke. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives....
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